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About Laura


After graduating high school, I found myself in a bit of a depression. I was very unclear about my direction and how to move forward in life. Many of my friends went off to college but I was not interested in school. I’d always struggled as a student and preferred to do things of a creative or athletic nature. One afternoon, a friend and I were strolling around an outdoor mall and passed by a small shop where people were receiving chair massages. A thought flashed in like a lightbulb and I proclaimed: “I’ll become a massage therapist!" I beelined into the store and asked one of the therapists where he went to school. He gave me the details for the nearby massage school and within a week, I was signed up for classes! I had never been exposed to the world of massage other than my mothers gentle caress as a growing child, but that didn't stop me. There was no thought or consideration to what I was doing, there was simply action.

I graduated from the Mesa Institute with a focus on clinical applications of massage and have been creating and re-creating my art since 2003.  I’ve had the honor to serve from the offices of many chiropractors, beautiful hotel resorts, and various businesses around Los Angeles and Orange County. I love learning new modalities to increase my ability to help facilitate deeper healing from within each individual. Some of my favorite modalities to practice include the gentle yet profound CranioSacral and Lymphatic Therapies. I also enjoy giving a good LomiLomi Massage which comes from the island of Hawaii and combines the deep conection of the ocean with the rhythmic waves of our bodies. 
Out of pain and despair have come what is now one of my greatest gifts and joys of being on the planet: the opportunity to serve humanity through the power of touch.  
I look forward to connecting with you and replacing your pain with a lifetime of health and vitality.

Laura Doss, LMT




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